Jennifer Hall












Artist’s Statement

I have stitched for as long as I can remember, till eventually, as a very mature student, I started on courses of study which led to printed textiles.  I have since found that my primary interest is in the development of images by a system of layering fabric and thread rather than printing.

I work from initial photographs and through a process of computer imagery, drawing and tracing, work towards the final design idea.  This has developed into fracturing and fragmenting the images.  By this method I am exploring the changing nuances of, colour, line and light reflectance.

My work is highly organised and precise, using very fine fabrics and threads, most of them having sheen.  The resulting colour and form is a consequence of the order and direction in which the colour is applied.  Space dyed organza is used to build up a subtle under colour, using overstitching to modify the colour and create the form.  I am looking to achieve atmospheric pieces which have a strong feeling of reflection and calm.

My most recent work has developed the use of grids, working further towards abstraction, and mixing scale, types and thickness of the threads.




City and Guild Embroidery Part 1 – 1980

Foundation Art and Design – 1990

BA Hons Printed Textiles – 1993