Gill Dakin (Membership Secretary)




Artist’s statement:

I am predominantly a self-taught textile Artist. I have limited physical health, but sewing is something I can do while seated and at a slow pace. I started as a patchworker ten years ago and progressed into textile Art 5 years ago. I was helped on my stitch journey by two brilliant teacher’s firstly Jacquie Durber who taught me patchwork skills and then Ineke Berlyn journaling and many textile techniques. I am constantly developing my skills through experimentation, perseverance and being exposed to other textiles artists as a member of my local Embroiderers Guild.

I enjoy working with titled challenges as I find them stimulating and I also enjoy seeing what others do with the same theme.

The stitch textile pieces I make are becoming more mixed media mainly stitched using free machining. I love rich colours, texture and soft fibres. I have deliberately not settled on a  style of working yet, as I continue to explore different ideas, subjects and ways of working. I also enjoy adding detail,layering and recycling waste items. I actively encourage people to enjoy and explore the possibility of stitch.

Awards and exhibiting:
I have only very recently started exhibiting. I won the Rugby Art Society Café Vin Cinq award in 2015 for my textile piece called Printed garden. I won the Rugby Art Society President’s award at the 2014 exhibition for my piece ‘Autumn Robin’ which was mixed media.

I have no formal art qualifications, but always enjoyed making things and drawing as a child.